Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good Bye Sams Club 

Our Sams club is closing. I know it sounds silly but it makes me crazy sad. Our Sams club has only been open a few years. This is not your typical Sams. You see at our Sams club the managers are on the floor chatting with you. The employees know our family. They laugh with us and at us. 

Shopping at Sams club saves my family hundreds of dollars. 

I feel terrible for the employees. Our store was never given a chance. Soon after the store opened construction started making it difficult to get to them. 

We were there the day they opened. I don’t think I can be there the day they close. 


Oh No Not That Song 

Mom, that song you said I cannot listen to just came up on my tablet. Why is that song on my tablet. I am not allowed to listen to that song.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Empty Laps

This is one loved man. If he sits for more than a few minutes someone is on him. He does not mind at all. I am so grateful to have him in our lives.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fresh Homemade Bread

All summer I make fresh bread to sell at the farmers market. I enjoy making the bread, I love the smell of it. I love grinding the wheat. For some reason once Farmer’s Market is over I go into vacation mode and stop baking. 

Last week I made bread for a friend. I made one load extra for my family. Then I saw my baby girl staring at the bread.  I then realized that vacation is over and my blessings need homemade bread. I normally bake 8 loaves at a time. I know that one loaf will be eaten fresh out of the oven. Another two or three in the next few days. 

This week I realized that winter is the best time to bake and warm the house. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Rescue Cats

When you live on a small farm you must have a cat or ten. We choose three. All of our animals our rescues. We have Stinky (the yellow one) who came to us from a friend who could no longer keep him. Then we have two shelter cats that came to us last month. I am so grateful to those who volunteer at the shelter. These are the sweetest cats ever.  I encourage you to always look at your shelters for your new pets. 


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